Our new website: A tool for you!

Here at Ecological Services, we’ve decided to follow in Mother Nature’s footsteps. As summer dawns upon us, we’re launching our new website.

We hope this re-designed website will reinvigorate the online tools offered by ES. We’ve outgrown our foundational site and have been in need of a more colorful, more resourceful website. We want visitors to easily navigate our website, find the information they’re looking for, check out some of the interesting and educational elements, and most of all, visit us again.
So, what will you find in our new site, and how will you find it?

Our new website: A tool for you!

Our new website is easy to navigate, interesting to look at and offers ways for you to get to know us and get involved in conservation.

Getting around:

  1. We’ve switched to horizontal navigation with drop-down menus. Up there you’ll find direct links to Endangered Species (including wildlife, recovery, federal consultation, permits and grants), Habitat Conservation (energy, Coastal Program, Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program, eagle guidelines, and Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration Program), Contaminants and Wetlands Inventory.
  2. If you don’t find what you needed in the navigation, check out the More Resources box, which is located on most program homepages.
  3. We’ve centrally located all contact information within the Connect with Us element. When you click there, you’ll be brought to a regional map with office locations and lists of regional, field office and program contacts.
  4. If you’re still searching, check out the site map.

New elements to check out:

  1. High quality photo slideshows on many pages.
  2. News and highlights for Ecological Services and our programs, such as Endangered Species and Contaminants.
  3. Meet Ecological Services. Take a few minutes to get to know this month’s public servant. We’ll regularly feature folks from our Northeast team.
  4. Blog (Yes, what you’re now reading!)
  5. Share Your Outdoors. The Northeast Region has more than 2,500 photos on Flickr, but we want to feature your photos. Visit this gallery to see this month’s highlighted photos, and e-mail us your suggested photos for next month.
  6. Links to the Service’s Northeast Region social media. We’re sharing more than 50 videos on YouTube. We’ve got more than 4,000 Twitter followers and 722 Facebookers that “like” us. We’d love for you to join the conversation.

This is the place to find information on federal management and partnerships to protect the Northeast’s natural resources. We want you to come here knowing that you’ll find what you’re looking for, or at least you’ll find someone to help get you there.

Let us know what you think.

Submitted by Paul Phifer, head of our agency’s Northeast Region Ecological Services program

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