Bringing bat science to life: Inspiring–and being inspired by–a budding biologist

Ann Froschauer

Today you’re hearing from Ann Froschauer, national white-nose syndrome communications coordinator for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

A few months ago, I was reading my daily news alerts about bats and white-nose syndrome, and I came across a story about a little girl who was in love with bats, and desperate to do something about white-nose syndrome. Miri, a seven year-old at the time, had been a bat lover since she was just a few years old, and had recently learned about WNS and research that the Boston University bat lab was doing to try to combat the disease. Miri wrote to Santa Claus last year, asking for his help in saving the bats, and decided that she wants to be a bat biologist when she grows up.

My heart melted- a mini-me!

Although my interest in bats didn’t really get going until I was a teenager, I felt like we might have a real window of opportunity to connect Miri to the thing she loved, and really inspire her to stay interested in science and bats. I immediately contacted my friend Nate Fuller in the BU bat lab and said, “We have to get Miri out to see some bats and keep her excited about this!” Read the rest.

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