Happy Father’s Day!

How will you get your dad

outside this Father’s Day?

We’ve got to take a moment to tell you about some other cool dads, too.

Oystercatchers are good dad's since both sexes share all incubation and chick rearing duties.

Mom and dad American oystercatchers share all incubation and chick rearing duties! Credit: USFWS


This female red-necked phalarope at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Maryland doesn’t provide the parental care. For all kinds of phalaropes, the male provides all of it! Credit: USFWS


Here’s a male phalarope – the red phalarope. Males are actually duller in color and markings than females, which is unusual for birds. Credit: Lee Karney/USFWS

red-eyed vireo

In most vireo species, the males help with brooding eggs and feeding nestlings/fledglings. Blue-headed vireos and yellow-throated vireos, in particular, appear to have a nearly equal split in these parenting duties between males and females. This red-eyed vireo was photographed in Hawley, Mass. Credit: Bill Thompson/USFWS

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