Wednesday Wisdom – Pete Seeger

Listen to the sounds that surround you... the earth may be teaching you music

Original photo by Kent Mason

Like many folk singers of his day, Pete Seeger was also an activist. One of his passions was the Hudson River. He sang about his dream for this river, telling us “Still I love it and I’ll keep the dream. That some day, though maybe not this year, my Hudson River will once again run clear.”

In 1969, he launched the sloop Clearwater on the Hudson, using it as a tool to raise awareness and conduct science-based environmental education. According to, more than half a million people experienced their first real look at the estuary’s ecosystem aboard the vessel.

We join Clearwater in mourning Pete Seeger, as we seek to protect and restore the Hudson River – a cause that Pete was so passionate about. The Hudson River is extensively contaminated with chemicals called polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs. We know that PCBs can cause serious harm to wildlife and other natural resources. The Hudson River Natural Resource Trustees are currently measuring the injuries caused by this contamination so we can restore the natural resources of the Hudson River.

The Hudson River Trustees are comprised of U.S. Department of Commerce (through NOAA), U.S. Department of the Interior (through FWS), and State of New York (through NY DEC).

You can find more information about the Hudson River contamination in past blog posts when we celebrated National Rivers Month and studied the effects of PCBs on mink populations.

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