Fourth and long: Sea hawks suit up for the big game

This weekend, many will tune in to watch Sunday’s ‘Big Game’ in New Jersey. Also in New Jersey, our own Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge features its own sea hawk: the osprey.

These raptors are found on every continent (except Antarctica, obviously), but nowhere near as abundantly as in the Chesapeake Bay region. That’s why we do all we can to help them out. In the past four years, our Chesapeake Bay Field Office has successfully found suitable homes for for fledgling ospreys that departed their nests prematurely. Staff have also prepared platforms in restored wetlands to make sure the birds will have a place to nest in the spring. If you ever see a telephone pole, an old power line with a platform or a similar structure, chances are ospreys may use those areas to nest.

We say the birds are ready for this game. Who do you think will take the win on Game Day? We wont take sides for this one (but did you see those diving pictures?!)

2 Comments on “Fourth and long: Sea hawks suit up for the big game

  1. Hawks … birds of prey, football players and in my children’s story Little Jack The Return of a Warrior … a shapeshifter ; – )

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