Tuesday Trek: Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Virginia

I’m Tom Barnes; you might know me from TGIF with Tom. And now, I’m bringing you Tuesday Trek! Each Tuesday, I’ll give you some insight about a refuge destination you might enjoy. Planning a winter vacation? Spring break? I might know the perfect spot for your upcoming travels! 

Even when surfing season’s over, there’s still plenty to do in Virginia Beach, like at Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is over 9,000 acres and features sand dunes, ocean beaches, woodlands and large freshwater marshes—crucial for wintering waterfowl. As Back Bay is a major stopover on the Atlantic Flyway for migratory birds, you’re bound to spot some of the tundra swan, snow geese or American black duck that make Back Bay their home this time of year.

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In fact, the refuge features tram tours throughout the winter season for visitors to view and take pictures of these impressive birds. With over eight miles of scenic trails for you to enjoy, the barrier islands of Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge are worth experiencing.

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