Tuesday Trek: Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge, Maine

I’m Tom Barnes; you might know me from TGIF with Tom. And now, I’m bringing you Tuesday Trek! Each Tuesday, I’ll give you some insight about a refuge destination you might enjoy. Planning a winter vacation? Spring break? I might know the perfect spot for your upcoming travels!


Visitors cross-country skiing at Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge in Maine.

Up for a trip to northern Maine? If so, Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge is a great spot for winter sports. This time of year, the refuge in Limestone, offers seven groomed miles of trails perfect for snowshoeing and skiing. If you’re not the cold weather type, and of the angling persuasion, wait until late spring and summer when the refuge hosts an annual fishing derby. Originally part of the Loring Air Force Base, the refuge was founded in 1998 with a primary focus of forest and grassland management.

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Besides removing the Cold War-era military buildings and demolishing fences and railways, the refuge manages around 400 acres of grasslands. Biologists have even investigated using some of the abandoned military bunkers for artificial bat hibernacula! (Really, it’s true; click here) Located in a part of Maine dominated by potato and broccoli farming, the refuge is key in preserving the northern Maine forests and its wildlife, including upland sandpipers and neotropical migratory birds. If that’s not enough to get you up there, this photo should do the trick.


Moose at Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge. Credit: Sharon Wallace


Ready to visit? This month, the refuge has two upcoming events, a cross-country ski race and a cross-country ski clinic, where the refuge friends group offers the use of free skis and snowshoes, and lessons on how to use them. Learn more>>

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Trek: Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge, Maine

  1. Sharon Wallace

    Just found this blog today… couldn’t believe my eyes! What a great review of the best refuge in the whole system! And just love that my photo is among your featured photos… the moose in the marsh on a foggy morning. We’ll be heading back there come June, but I’ll be looking forward to your Tuesday Treks. Sharon Wallace

  2. bennyjenks

    I have a GREAT refuge for you. Maxwell National Wildlife Refuge in Maxwell NM. This refuge is a hidden gem full of wonderful surprises. You can see owls ducks pelicans various birds snakes prairie dogs deer coyotes etc.on any given day. There is an area for camping and fishing. Also viewing areas for wildlife. Great place for families and birders. Please consider them for a writeup . Thanks from one of their volunteers Bennette Jenkins-Tanner

    1. usfwsnortheastblog

      Hi Bennette! Thanks so much for your comment. Our blog is focused on our region, the 13 states from VA to ME, but Maxwell refuge sounds like a wonderful place to visit! Thanks again for sharing it with us.


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