May is National Wetlands Month!

What a winter that was. At the last second, April remembered it was known for its showers, but May is finally here, which only means one thing—it’s National Wetlands Month.

The whole month is dedicated to celebrating how vital wetlands are to the United States. These are some of the world’s most productive, and most vulnerable ecosystems. As an important transition zone between land and water habitats, wetlands offer a multitude of ecological and economic benefits, whether by improving water quality or reducing flood risk.

There tons of ways you can celebrate your local wetlands this month. For starters, trying getting out to a wetland refuge near you and appreciating the diversity of nature there! Also, restoring a local wetland by planting native vegetation or taking action to protect wetlands are great ways of giving back to the environment.

The Service uses a great tool for viewing and learning about wetlands—check out the Wetlands Mapper here. And if you want to learn more about wetlands, specifically the salt water marshes, watch our video here.

How will you be celebrating National Wetlands Month this May?

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