Meet #ScienceWoman Julie Devers

Julie DeversBranded

Our #ScienceWoman campaign kicked off during Women’s History Month, and we’re going to keep on rolling! We’re looking forward by honoring women across the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and female conservationists who are making history in our agency and in conservation. With each #ScienceWoman, we’ll share a photo and a couple questions and answers about her work. Stay tuned for more posts later this week honoring Hurricane Sandy Women in Science.

Meet science woman Julie Devers, a fisheries biologist at the Maryland Fisheries Resource Office.

Julie studied Fisheries and Wildlife Science at Virginia Tech. Her thesis research compared the condition of freshwater mussels in the wild to those held in captivity at White Sulpher Springs National Fish Hatchery.

Julie at Fish ID Class

Q. What’s your favorite part of working for the service? A. The people that I have met.  I enjoy meeting new FWS employees and partners who are making a difference in the conservation of coastal and freshwater species through new and innovative approaches.  I am constantly impressed by the dedication and creativity that people bring to the field of conservation.

Q. What’s your favorite species and why? A. I have to pick a group of species: freshwater mussels.  Each species has unique and incredible adaptations that allow them to survive in streams and rivers and provide important ecosystem services.  Many freshwater mussel species have overcome incredible odds, including sedimentation, industrial pollution, overharvesting and dams, to persist in stabilizing stream beds and filtering our nation’s fresh water.

electrofishing in Clifford Branch

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