Helping monarchs when red goes green for Earth Day!

If you’re into pollinators and monarch butterflies like I am, and you were not in Philadelphia last night, you missed out! Actually, even if you aren’t, you still missed out. I joined staff from our regional office and from our John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Citizens Bank Park to celebrate Earth Day with the Phillies. The team has an environmental sustainability initiative, what they call “Red Goes Green,” in which they work to lead the way in sustainable practices at professional sports venues. They invited us out with other conservation agencies and organizations last night and we had a great time with the fans.


You may have heard that the Service is working with partners to help save monarch butterflies, whose numbers have declined by approximately 90 percent in recent years, a result of numerous threats, particularly loss of habitat due to agricultural practices, development and cropland conversion. Thanks to the Friends of Heinz Refuge, we were able to help the cause. So many fans took the pledge to protect pollinators and plant common milkweed to help us save monarchs. Here’s a few:


After taking the pledge and picking up the milkweed seeds, no one could get enough of the bug eye glasses so they pretty much made an appearance in every photo pledge. I love it.


In a short time, we got some great support for our pollinating friends.


If you missed last night, fret not; we’ll be participating in the Philadelphia Science Festival the next couple of weeks and we’ll be at Science Night at the Ballpark. We’ll be spreading more love for monarchs and showing off some animal athletes.

For more information about monarch butterflies and how you can help, visit


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