Kicking off our 2015 diversity youth hiring program in Philly!

Each year since 2008, we’ve partnered with The Student Conservation Association to introduce culturally and ethnically diverse youth to conservation careers. The program, called the Career Discovery Internship Program, or CDIP, includes a weeklong orientation at one of our wildlife refuges or field offices before the students head off to various locations throughout the country, like Alaska and Maine. But some are staying right here in Philly! During the week, the students learn about the requirements for federal conservation careers, issues and challenges facing the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and how we work with partners to serve the public through wildlife conservation. The students are also paired with a Service mentor to guide them through the summer. This year, we’re having orientation at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum in Philadelphia and it’s been a great week!


The whole 2015 crew along with our partners from LL Bean. This is right after a kayak trip they led for us on the Tinicum freshwater tidal marsh.


Almost ready to launch!


And on they went.


Brendalee, the refuge biologist, talking to the students about her work at the refuge. The students met with refuge staff to learn about what they do to keep the refuge functioning. In addition to biology, they met with our maintenance and law enforcement staff, our visitor services and environmental education staff and learned the aspects of overall refuge management.


After learning about what happens on a refuge, the students work on challenge projects throughout the week. They help the refuge solve real issues and provide some innovative ideas on topics such as marsh management, community outreach and refuge maintenance among other things.

Check out more awesome pics over at The Student Conservation Association’s website! 




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