Wednesday Wisdom – Rachel Carson

carson - Teacher appreciation

Pond ecology lessons with a biologist at the Ninigret National Wildlife Refuge

Rachel Carson, writer, scientist, ecologist, was in so many ways the preeminent teacher of our time; she taught us to preserve our child-like sense of wonder and listen to the majestic voice of nature.  She imparted the hard science behind the effect of pesticides on our environment, wildlife and our own health while she also “sang” the poetic narrative behind life in a perfect balance.

Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day –  May 3, 2016 – when we celebrate the people who impart the joy of learning as well as share their knowledge with facts we need to honor the balance of the natural world, the health of our sweet earth and the life it sustains, and how to make smart decisions to preserve it all for our children.

So happy National Teacher Appreciation Day to all of you – teachers, students and stewards of this good earth!  #ThankATeacher

Read more about former FWS employee Rachel Carson

Want to visit Ninigret National Wildlife Refuge in Rhode Island?

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