Wednesday Wisdom – Norman Maclean

White Rock fish mig day

Original image by Lia McLaughlin/USFWS

World Fish Migration Day is Saturday, May 21.  A day for creating awareness on the importance of migratory fish and keeping rivers open so fish can move freely from place to place.

What better way for #WednesdayWisdom to celebrate than with a glorious image from the Pawcatuck River right above the White Rock Dam on the border of Stonington, Conn. and Westerly, R.I.; the dam has since been removed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – in partnership with the Nature Conservancy and others – to enhance fish passage benefiting river herring, American shad, and American eel.  This Hurricane Sandy-funded dam removal project helps reduce the risk of flooding from future storms and significantly increases benefits to commercial and sport fishing.

Speaking of fishing:  Known for his book  A River Runs Through it and Other Stories, author and scholar Norman Maclean knew the metaphor of fly-fishing and salvation, and his stories reflect how nature and the beauty of the river becomes a sanctuary for renewal and connects family and community in a deep and abiding way.  We can only imagine his thoughts on restoring river connectivity and letting the rivers run free for the fish that spawn and migrate to and from there.

Check out this cool fish migration video!

Resources for World Fish Migration Day! #wfmd

More on the White Rock Dam removal project and all Building a Stronger Coast projects!

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