Heavy machinery at hogansburg dam

It’s even better than we thought: Removing Hogansburg Dam reconnects 555 miles

Justin Dalaba

Today you’re hearing from Justin Dalaba, our outreach coordinator for the New York Field Office. He graduated this summer from St. Lawrence University with a bachelor of science in conservation biology.

We took another look (and so can you, through the map below) at the St. Regis River and its tributaries that are restored from the removal of Hogansburg Hydroelectric Dam in Upstate New York. And we have great news!

After our map analysis, there appears to be more habitat open to migrating fish than we originally estimated. The next blockages existing upstream of the Hogansburg Dam include the St. Regis Falls Dam, Allens Falls Dam and Deer River Dam. Based on these three known barriers, we estimated that there are 555 miles of restored St. Regis River tributaries now available to migrating fish.

This is more than double the original estimate of 275 miles! [Note for clarification: We did exclude areas that were determined to be inaccessible to migrating fish, such as through a culvert or low water levels].

Watch this all unfold through the above time-lapse of the Hogansburg Dam removal put together by the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Environment Division.


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