Echo-Locate your Favorite Bat Story

It’s #BatWeek and we can’t stop talking about bats! What is more fascinating than the small flying mammals that help farmers manage pesky bugs? Go batty over our stories of the nighttime critters and the work being done to save numerous bat species. From research studies to citizen science, we cover it all in an engaging story map where you can find stories from across the country.

White-nose syndrome, a deadly disease in bats, is spreading rapidly through the United States and Canada.  With many bat species on the decline, biologists race to save species and learn more about preventing the spread.  Many stories on this map share the great work being done to provide new bat habitat for bats and control WNS. Spreading the word and educating about WNS allows us share their crucial role in managing agricultural pests and encourage others to do what they can to protect bats in their area.

Click here to view the interactive bat story map.


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1 thought on “Echo-Locate your Favorite Bat Story

  1. Al Barrus

    This story map is great! Here’s a great one to add – the lesser long-nosed bat comes to southern Arizona from Mexico. It is responsible for pollinating the plants used for Tequila production. Due to recent conservation efforts, it’s in the process of being delisted!


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