U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Northeast Region
Andrea has been the outreach coordinator in our New York office. Here she and children explore for worms, insects, amphibians, and birds at the Hands-on-Nature Anarchy Zone during Zone into Nature, a program series that Andrea organized and facilitated.

Love wildlife and outreach? (YES!) Andrea Bruns tells us why you should consider applying for this position at the New York Field Office.


Our loyal readers have to remember Jenna Valente- the intern that fell in love with Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge a couple of summers ago. We recently came across an outstanding photo...

Brittany Bowker, Hurricane Sandy Youth Story Corps Intern

“Everyone is working towards a bigger, long-term goal, and that’s an important thing to be a part of.” SCA intern Brittany Bowker reflects on her U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service experience.


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