Masonville Cove: Urban Refuge Partnership

Follow our 2015 Urban Conservation and Education interns as they band ospreys at Poplar Island, restore wetland habitat with students throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed, provide educational programs to local students, and observe and identify wildlife and plants living in Masonville Cove as part of our 2015 BioBlitz.

The internship is an 8-week program in partnership with the Maryland Port Administration, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Living Classrooms Foundation and National Aquarium.

Living on the dredge - Remember the interns at Masonville Cove that we told you about a few weeks ago? Today, we're hearing from Stephen, one of the students working to support urban conservation in the greater Baltimore area, about his work to help restore Poplar Island.
At Baltimore’s Masonville Cove, students explore urban conservation - Meet the students that will be working with our partners in Baltimore to support conservation efforts in the city. They have some great plans to spread the message of urban conservation!

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2 thoughts on “Masonville Cove: Urban Refuge Partnership

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