Meet our regular contributors and blog editors. Many of our posts come from biologists and scientists across our region, as well as from partners. You’ll see their photos and intros on individual posts.

margie brenner photo 3 Margie Brenner leads Northeast Region communications and outreach for Hurricane Sandy recovery, and is happy to share her passion for recycling on the Green Team. When not writing stories about coastal restoration, she likes to pick her own veggies from a local farm share, bike the Minuteman Trail into Boston, or hike in the woods with her “cavapoo” pup in tow. See her posts.

Catherine Gatenby Catherine Gatenby is a tap-dancing biologist turned communications coordinator for our fisheries program. She grew up in Minnesota surrounded by lakes and rivers and music–everything her family did involved music, dancing, fishing or swimming. Some day she plans to write about a real “river dance.” See her posts.

tylar3 Tylar Greene is all about urban living and connecting people with what nature has to offer. That’s why it’s so fitting that she leads communications and outreach for national wildlife refuges, America’s best kept secret! See her posts.

Mrblog Meagan Racey considers herself pretty green but can’t seem to keep a house plant alive. She manages the blog and leads Northeast Region communications and outreach for endangered species, restoration of polluted sites, conservation on private lands, energy, wetlands, and bald eagles. See her posts.

d_43Debra Reynolds is the communication and outreach coordinator for our Division of Migratory Birds and the Atlantic Coast Joint Venture. She has a passion for sharing her love of birds and their habitats with people so they can enjoy them too. See her posts.

Me (1)Keith Shannon is the social media manager for the Northeast Region and a self-proclaimed digital media specialist (whatever that means). He brings you the weekly Wednesday Wisdom posts and edits a lot of the videos you see on the blog. See his posts.

TB Tom Barnes is the communication Intern for the Northeast Region, and when he’s not out fetching coffee he’s penning the “TGIF” and “Tuesday Trek” columns. Besides studying English at UMass Amherst, Tom writes sketch comedy and is immune to brain freezes. See his posts.
amber Amber Lira is a Hurricane Sandy youth story corps Student Conservation Association intern and non-traditional student at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. When she’s not blogging for us, you can find her running circles around her two children or “jammin” to Marley while sauntering at Walden Pond. See her posts.

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