• Driven by instincts and a pickup truck: An Atlantic salmon’s journey towards recovery

    That’s how many Atlantic salmon make their way to spawning habitat in Lake Champlain’s tributaries nowadays. Learn why this species disappeared from the lake in the 19th century, and how it is making a comeback today thanks to collaboration by partners in the basin.

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    We’re dedicated to conserving the nature of the Northeast. Our mission is to work with others to protect fish, wildlife and plants and their habitats from Virginia north to Maine.

  • My life after the internship

    We’re checking in with our past interns to find out what they’ve been up to since their last internship with us. Find out where they are now since they fled the nest!

Several attempts were made to capture a distressed bald eagle on Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge. Many organizations teamed up in an effort to rescue the eagle when the unexpected happened! Read more to find out.

Piping plover with pink leg band #85 shares his migration journey to the Atlantic coast and explains the twists and turns of sharing the shore.

Just this winter, walleye spawning beds were installed to improve suitable spawning habitat in a tributary to the St. Lawrence River. Already, there has been a hopeful tale of success!