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Bat Week was in full flight last week. With Halloween behind us, we bring you one last bat tale.

Bat Week volunteers share in the festivities as they craft alongside the families who participated. Credit: Emily Peters

Yesterday Emily Peters, an AmeriCorps member with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, shared her “Bat Week” event success story. Today, she’s back to tell us how she helped families go “batty” through fun activities and a little bit of bat-box-building know how.

Peters (left) getting ready for day two of Bat Week - building bat boxes - with fellow AmeriCorps members, Lauren Merrill (middle) and Maddy Ball (right). Credit: Emily Peters/AmeriCorps

Emily Peters is an Appalachian Forest Heritage Area AmeriCorps member at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s West Virginia Field Office. Peters may not don a cape or drive the Batmobile, but she owns her role as “Bat Woman” when it comes to educating the public about one of nature’s most unique mammals. Keep reading for more about Peters’ batty adventures!