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Wednesday Wisdom – George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver was a visionary in the field of botany as well as an inventor during the early 1900s.  He spent a lot of time behind a microscope.  When we take the mystery out of that which is unfamiliar by looking at it a little more closely, we begin to make connections and understand “it” better.  When we connect, we begin to care…perhaps these two birdwatchers are looking at hope right in the eye!


Students from Pepper Middle School, Longstreth Elementary and Norwood Elementary in Philadelphia bird watch on Tinicum Marsh at the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge in Pennsylvania.



Wednesday Wisdom – Zora Neale Hurston


Hurston 2102016

Credit: USFWS

Celebrating Black History Month with a beautiful bit of wisdom from Harlem Renaissance writer and renowned anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston and an early spring bloodroot poking its way out of darkness near the Madison Saltpeter cave in Virginia.

Wednesday Wisdom – Booker T. Washington

Black History Month is coming to a close and we are using the last Wednesday Wisdom in February to highlight Booker T. Washington, educator, author, orator, and leader of the black community from 1890-1915.

Acadia National Park & Booker T. Washington

Acadia National Park & Booker T. Washington