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Have you ever been outside and had a flash of color fly by? Do you find yourself intrigued to discover what kind of bird you caught a glimpse of? You are not alone in this curiosity, as tens of millions of Americans enjoy bird watching as a favorite pastime. Chances are, you’ve seen a neotropical migratory bird species, like a Bicknell’s Thrush or Scarlet Tanager, who call multiple countries “home” depending its… Read More

A homecoming 200 years in the making – migratory fish return to the Shawsheen River after dam removals make way.

Every river has a story – a unique combination of history, physical and ecological characteristics, and people and wildlife that rely on the river’s resources. For many rivers in Connecticut, more than a hundred years of that story includes small dams built to generate waterpower for early mills.  However, as with anything constructed, dams have a lifespan, and once they outlive it, they can pose risks to people and property downstream.