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Meet #ScienceWoman Daffny Pitchford

Celebrate Women’s History Month with us! This year, we’re looking forward by honoring women across the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and female conservationists who are making history in our agency and in conservation. With each #ScienceWoman, we’ll share a photo and a couple questions and answers about her work. Stay tuned for posts throughout the month! 16579954340_7d6c3da798_o Meet Daffny Pitchford, our refuge manager at the Potomac River National Wildlife Refuge Complex. She earned her degree at North Carolina Central University, where she studied biology.

Daffny considers Mamie Parker, former Regional Director of the Northeast, as one of her conservation heroes. “Her encouragement and wise words are always remembered on those busy days,” says Daffny.

Daffny became interested in nature and “all things wild” when she was young. Her and her father would often explore her backyard or go fishing in nearby creeks. She says her “favorite times as a youngster were spent either up a tree or in a creek catching frogs and crayfish.”

Her favorite species is the cardinal, because it was easy to identify as a child. Also, it’s the state bird of her home state, North Carolina.

Tune in again for more #ScienceWoman posts later this month!