U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Northeast Region


Thousands of people joined outdoors to count our feathered friends!

The perfect remedy for a dreary winter day? Imagine yourself kayaking this summer on Cape Cod! At Muddy Creek, paddlers have a brand new destination thanks to a restoration project that has re-opened a previously isolated tidal wetland, benefiting both people and the environment.

Ivette represented the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at ¬°Fiesta Latina!, an annual event at the Yale Peabody Museum that celebrates Hispanic culture. The visitors loved learning about the animal pelts, tracks, and scat. It was a rare opportunity for many of them to feel the pelts of local CT wildlife. They also enjoyed learning the Spanish name of each animal (beaver-castor, fox-zorro, coyote-coyote, skunk-zorrillo, and raccoon-mapache).