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Beaches, bagels, and ’burbs: the three B’s of Long Island. If you haven’t been to the island—like me, prior to this week—you probably associate the area with some of these trademarks. But do you know about one of the tiniest but most important ‘B’s on the island—birds? Long Island is a crucial habitat for many birds, including a number of terns, skimmers, and even a few bald eagles. Only if you look… Read More

Researchers from several of our region’s National Wildlife Refuges, along with other partners, are using today’s tiny tagging technology to find out exactly what saltmarsh sparrows are up to!

If you love to enjoy national wildlife refuges, national parks, or even your local community parks, then you might know how important the Land and Water Conservation Fund is. If not, keep reading because we are celebrating 50 years of the fund! Joe McCauley, Northeast Region Chief of Realty, is kicking off a series about why the fund is so important to our country.