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Access to the Outdoors for All

Fall is a season of change in the Northeast United States. The weather cools, the leaves begin to turn, and birds begin migrating south for winter. Some dive into holiday traditions, carving pumpkins and drinking apple cider. Others spend time becoming one with nature and scouting out the perfect landscape for hunting. While everyone has their favorite fall traditions, it’s our hope that people of all abilities are able to access the outdoors this season.

Our goal is to help provide access to nature for everyone interested in outdoor activities like hunting and fishing. Adaptive hunting and recreational activities are available in many states and often provide expertise, gear and camaraderie to enhance outdoor experiences. The programs listed below are among several available options for people of all abilities and background to find accessible hunting areas and programs.

Through these and other great programs offered by states and partners, the opportunity to hunt and explore nature can be available to all. Find a program in your state that suits you and get outside!