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Beaches, bagels, and ’burbs: the three B’s of Long Island. If you haven’t been to the island—like me, prior to this week—you probably associate the area with some of these trademarks. But do you know about one of the tiniest but most important ‘B’s on the island—birds? Long Island is a crucial habitat for many birds, including a number of terns, skimmers, and even a few bald eagles. Only if you look… Read More

This week we are taking to the sky to get a birds-eye view of some Hurricane Sandy recovery and resiliency sites. Today’s trip brought us to some of the refuges on Long Island in New York.

Blackout: Before and after Sandy hit the NY-NJ metro region. CREDIT: NASA

This year, Halloween marks the anniversary of a dark nightmare that was all too real for the people, places and wildlife of the Atlantic Coast: Hurricane Sandy. What are we doing to prepare for the possibility of another super storm?