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Wednesday Wisdom – Be Thankful

Oribinal image by Ken Sturm/USFWS

Original image by Ken Sturm/USFWS

This time of year our thoughts turn to family, friends, and other blessings we are thankful for.┬áPersonally, I am thankful for nature – what’s better thank a long walk on a crisp autumn day, or a refreshing April shower? Give thanks to nature this year, just as Epicurus did 2300 years ago.

Wednesday Wisdom – Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month. Native peoples have conserved our planet since time immemorial – we can all learn from their wisdom.

Original image by Matt Poole/USFWS

Original image by Matt Poole/USFWS

Tune in all month long as we highlight how we work with native tribes, including this post on how we are helping keep Wampanoag traditions alive.