U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Northeast Region


Posting our #WednesdayWisdom on this Friday, May 27, so we can say, “Happy Birthday, Rachel Carson!” May 27, 2016 marks the 109th anniversary of the birth of Rachel Carson.

World Fish Migration Day is May 21 and a day to celebrate keeping rivers open so fish can move freely; the completed Hurricane Sandy funded White Rock dam removal project on the Pawcatuck River (CT and RI) demonstrates letting the river run free while connecting waterways and protecting communities!

International Migratory Bird Day (IMBD) is on May 14. Wednesday Wisdom is celebrating with a high beam on Dr. Jeff Well’s bird conservation efforts in the boreal forest.A fabulous image of Greater Scaup in flight – perhaps from their boreal forest breeding grounds – rounds out our IMBD shout-out.