U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Northeast Region


As winter starts up and outdoor projects begin to hibernate until the warmer months, one field crew keeps trudging on. Based out of the West Virginia Field Office, the Trout Unlimited/USFWS Partners Conservation Crew is plenty active during the cold winter months just like the fish the organization is named after. Last week, I spent my time helping out by putting the finishing touches of tree tubes and weed mats on newly… Read More

A stretch below Highland dam that is a good representation of what the stream will look like once dams are removed. Credit: Nick Millett/USFWS

The journey of our West Virginia Field Office on the state’s very first stream enhancement dam removal project!

Thousands of trout were carried out of the raceway

Seven staff were on hand at White Sulphur Springs National Fish Hatchery when flood waters hit. Six made it home. One spent five-and-a-half hours in a tree. All are safe. The trout at the hatchery didn’t fare as well.

Our thoughts are still with the families of the 23 people who lost their lives during the June, 23 flood.